If your company checks these three simple boxes, you’re a perfect fit!

1+ year

Operating for more than 1 year

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Credit score over 500

Increasing revenue chart

$15k or more in monthly revenue

4 Simple Steps Between You
and Your Cash Advance

You Apply
We Review
We Approve
You Spend

Whatever your immediate financial needs, a cash advance can give you peace of mind in good times or bad. Expand your business, meet payroll, or handle emergencies with confidence knowing you have a flexible and business-friendly advance that pays itself off as you earn. 

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Our Values

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We Work For You

Seeing our clients achieve their goals is why we do this, so we’re here for you every step of the way.


Speed Is Crucial

We know cash flow is critical to any business. That’s why we work hard to get you your money as fast as possible.

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Freedom of Funds

Spend your money where you need it, no strings attached.


Open and Honest

We treat our clients the same way we like to be treated.

What We Don't Require

Personal guarantees

Credit score requirements

Application fees

Closing costs

Unnecessary financial statements

Minimum payments


How can Cashfund help fund my business?

Cashfund offers innovative loan services designed to meet your business’s financial needs. Whether it’s funding business growth or meeting short term obligations, our program is a smart and fast alternative to traditional bank financing.

How does the process work for getting working capital or a cash advance? How long does it take to get a business cash advance? How much cash can I qualify for? What can my business cash advance be used for? How do I know if I qualify? Are there prepayment penalties for business cash advances? I still have questions. Is there a phone number I can call? How do I get started?