Small Business Loans

Our customers use small business loans for a variety of purposes. While traditional lenders may decline merchants for a less-than-perfect credit score, CashFund believes that a small business with a healthy cash flow should be supported. That is why we offer funding to over 93% of our applicants. We don’t require a certain credit score. We understand that things happen and businesses require financial assistance. What we look for is a consistent flow of income.

A strong cash flow and good payment behavior demonstrate the performance of your business and can help you to qualify for a cash advance from $5,000 up to $150,000!

By reviewing business performance in the US small business loans are offered to companies that we believe in. Even if in the past, you may have been considered too risky by traditional lenders CashFund is here to help.

Typical uses for a CashFund small business loan include inventory, equipment, temporary cash flow management (if your sales volume fluctuates), working capital supplementation, marketing to generate new business, and unexpected business opportunities that you just can’t pass up. We will never tell you what to do with your cash advance.

Small business loans are hard to come by at times. We know how necessary cash is to facilitate a healthy business environment where it can thrive and profit. CashFund can help you make your business dreams come true. Whether you are upgrading your existing business or buying a new one, we can make your dreams a reality. It’s our mission to make sure you get the small business loans your company requires to succeed. And with our high approval rate chances are you and your business will get what you need.

Our application is always no cost so you have nothing to lose.