Small businesses in San Diego can find it difficult to obtain loans from traditional banks.  Banks and the traditional capital markets have always been risk adverse.  That has been magnified due to the recession.  Small business is inherently risky.  So what is the best way to secure small business loans in San Diego?  Think outside the box.

CashFund has created small business loans for companies in San Diego and across the US.   We have taken a completely different approach to lending money.  We help you fund your small business by borrowing against future credit card purchases made by your customers.  So we get paid when you get paid.  No minimum payments required.

Our transparent business model is simple.  CashFund looks at the past four months of your credit card processing statements to determine what you qualify for.  We make small business loans from $5,000 up to $500,000 based on your credit card sales.  A small pre-set percentage of each credit card transaction you process is applied toward reducing your loan balance.  Once the loan is paid down to a certain point, you are then able to borrow more if needed.

CashFund has been able to help most small businesses quickly get the working capital they need.  We have an approval rate of more than 93%, and we can get your loan approved in as little as four hours.   Once approved, we can often have funds available to you in just 72 hours.   No more waiting for your banker to call you back.  We are here to help you now.

We never charge you a loan origination or application fee nor do we check your credit score or ask for financial statements beyond the credit card processing statement.  PLUS, you are free to use the funds for whatever you need.