Short Term Loans Florida

When running a business in Florida cash is king.  And, cash can often be a problem.  Cash flow is notoriously inconsistent and unpredictable.  Finding an easy to use, legitimate and reliable source for small business loans is critical for the growth of your business.  CashFund was created to help Florida business owners like you get the loans you need to manage your cash flow.

CashFund is not like regular banks.  We understand that small businesses come with a certain amount of risk.  Traditional banks are not set up to deal with that inherent level of risk.  CashFund makes small business loans based on your future earnings.  We get paid when you get paid.  It’s that simple.  And, we won’t place restrictions on how you invest the money or require minimum payments.  You know what your business needs better than we do and we trust you to make the right decisions.

Our business model is transparent and simple.  CashFund looks at the last four months of your credit card processing statements when determining what you qualify for.  Our small business loans range from $5,000 up to $500,000 based on your credit card sales.  We divert a small pre-set percentage of each future credit card transaction you process and apply it toward paying down your loan balance.

At CashFund we know you need working capital fast.  We have been able to help more than 93% of small business applicants quickly get the working capital they need.  And, we can often get your loan approved in as little as four hours.   Once approved, funds are usually made available to you within 72 hours.   No more waiting for your banker to call you back.  We are here to help you now.

CashFund makes it easy.  We never charge you a loan origination or application fee nor do we check your credit score or ask for financial statements beyond the credit card processing statement.

Call us today and we’ll work to get you the funds you need.