Trying to get a small business loan in San Diego is still a challenge.  The economy is slowly recovering and the experts will tell you that the capital markets have improved.  However, banks and traditional lending institutions are still reluctant to loan to small businesses.  This is in part due to the fact that banks are inherently risk adverse, and small businesses remain a risky venture.  Companies in San Diego need alternative options for safe and transparent sources for a small business loan.  CashFund can help.

CashFund was created out of the need for quick, flexible and reasonable working capital.  We work with small business like yours to get you the capital you need and we never tell you how to spend the money.  You know what’s best for your business.

Our loan process is simple and transparent.  You borrow against your future credit card sales.  We get paid as you get paid.  A reasonable pre-set percentage of your future credit card sales are diverted to pay off your loan balance.  There are no minimum payments giving you maximum flexibility to manage your cash flow.

We will analyze the past four months of credit card processing statements to determine what size loan you may receive.  The loan amounts range from $5,000 to $500,000 based on your credit card sales volume.  Typically, we approve 93% of applicants and you will hear if you have been approved in four hours.  Once you have been approved, cash funds are made available in as little as 72 hours.

CashFund is here to help your small business grow and thrive.  We want to provide you the capital you need to build up inventory, expand or acquire another business, get you through the seasonal ups and downs, get you caught up on payroll, or whatever your business needs at the time.  We are here to help you succeed.