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Running a business is often a game of cat and mouse.  Are your customers going to pay you in time for you to make payroll and cover your other operating expenses?  Some months it works out great, and other months you come up short.  Taking out short term loans can often help out in a pinch, but getting approved for these types of loans in Florida can be a problem.   CashFund is the solution.

The rigid structure of banks and other traditional lending institutions make it very difficult to find the flexibility needed to match the uneven cash flow of a growing business in Florida or anywhere else in the US.  CashFund was created to help provide short term loans and other working capital to businesses like yours.

CashFund has taken a completely different approach to lending money.  We help fund your small business by loaning money against the future credit card purchases made by your customers.  So we get paid when you get paid.  No minimum payments required.  You are no longer tied to rigid payment schedules that don’t line up with your revenue stream.

How does it work? Every time you collect a credit card payment, we divert a small set percentage of the total transaction and apply that amount to paying off your short term loan.  It’s that simple!

CashFund will analyze your past four months of credit card processing statements to determine what you qualify for.  We loan any amount between $5,000 and $500,000 per location based on your qualification.  You pay nothing upfront and you don’t have to provide any financial information beyond the credit card statements.  Plus, we won’t tell you how to invest the funds!

So next time a big order or unexpected expense happens and you need additional capital now, think of CashFund.   Our loan specialists can help you obtain the capital to cover your immediate needs often within three days.