Credit Card Processing

There are many benefits that come with a merchant cash advance at CashFund. We offer a full range of merchant processing products and services for your business. We provide debit card and credit card processing merchants can utilize to maximize profits. We also offer a wide variety of hardware and software terminals (both wired and wireless), develop integrated cash register solutions, and can even fund your business up to $500,000!

Today, approximately 4 million US retailers accept credit cards and debit cards. If you don’t, you should. And if you already do, we’ll show you how to do it more efficiently and profitably. These cards don’t just make purchases easier for your customers — they’re a major profit center for your business, proven to increase average balances and revenues. To help you take full advantage of your merchant cash advance, we’ll deliver a customized solution that provides the greatest speed, accuracy and ease of use — today and tomorrow.

Make sure your business is equipped to handle the volume of business it deserves.

Our merchant cash advance is easy to apply for and relatively easy to obtain.

There is little risk to you!

We are here to help your business grow.  Update your sales services to accept credit and debit cards and see how fast things turn around for your business. We can make the transition quick and painless.

Most people in the US, and the world for that matter use credit and debit cards.