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Traditional bank financing requirements and the capital needs of small business typically conflict.  It can be very challenging for a company in San Diego to obtain a cash advance to fund the various capital requirements of a growing business.  The rigid structure of banks make it very difficult to find the flexibility needed to match the uneven cash flow of a growing business in San Diego or anywhere else in the US.

CashFund offers a flexible cash advance solution designed for your unique small business needs and working capital requirements.  You are no longer tied to rigid payment schedules that don’t line up with your revenue stream.  You pay back the advance when you get paid by your customers.  Each time you collect a credit card payment, we simply divert a set percentage of the total transaction and apply that amount to paying off your cash advance.  It’s that simple!

A big order or unexpected expense can mean you need additional capital now.   Our loan specialists can help you obtain the capital to cover your immediate needs within three days, whether you operate your business in San Diego or Timbuctoo.

CashFund will analyze the last four months of credit card processing statements to determine what you qualify for.  We advance any amount between $5,000 and $500,000 per location based on your qualification.  There are no loan origination fees and you don’t have to provide any financial information beyond the credit card statements.

CashFund is here to help in your time of financial need and will not tell you how to use the money.  You know best what your business needs.  Use the funds to buy or expand your businesses, purchase inventory, upgrade or remodel, catch up on payroll, or whatever you need.  We are here to assist you.