Small businesses in San Diego and across the US often need a quick infusion of cash to get them through their growing pains.  Without it, the business can fold.  A cash advance loan of just a few thousand dollars could make all the difference.  However, traditional banks are not equipped to handle these fast cash requirements.  You want a lender who understands small business and is set up to meet those specific needs.  CashFund can help.

CashFund makes cash advance loans to businesses in San Diego and across the country.  We make the process as quick, transparent and simple as possible.  There are no application fees, closing costs or credit score requirements.  Our high approval rate of 93% means we are likely to be able to help you.  You will hear back on your application in as little as four hours and, once approved, we can get you the cash advance loan funds you need in just three days.

The CashFund business model is to make cash advance loans against future credit card sales.  That means we get paid when you get paid.  We will loan $5,000 to $500,000 based on credit card sales volume.  There are no minimum payments or repayment schedules.  A pre-set portion of each credit card sale is applied to pay off your loan balance.  When your balance reaches a certain level, you are then able to borrow more if needed.  This gives you the flexibility you need to grow your business.

We believe you know your business the best.  We will never tell you how to invest the working capital.  Use it to buy raw materials to fill a big order, catch up on payroll, smooth out cash flow due to seasonal swings in sales, expand your business, or whatever you need.  We want you to succeed and are here to provide the cash boost you need.