Running a business in San Diego occasionally requires an infusion of capital.  You may have received a huge order and need to buy raw materials, or need working capital to help smooth out seasonality.  But, qualifying for business loans these days can be touch if you operate in San Diego or anywhere in the US.

Traditional banks and capital sources have always been risk adverse.  Their rigid structure and requirements are not a good match for the risky nature of small business and the uncertain cash flow that goes with building and growing a business.

So what’s the answer?

CashFund has created a solution designed especially for small business.  We offer small business loans to companies in San Diego and across the country.  We understand your needs and have created our loans to be highly flexible with a rapid qualification process.  We are able to help 93% of businesses who apply.  You are usually approved within four hours with funds available in just 72 hours.

CashFund lets you borrow against future sales.  We analyze the last four months of your credit card processing statements to determine what we are willing to loan you.  Our business loans range between $5,000 and $500,000 based on your credit card sales volume.  There are no minimum payments.  We divert a small pre-set percentage of all your future credit card sales which is applied to pay off your balance.  It’s that simple.

You are never charged an application fee and we won’t check your credit.  The only financial information we need is your credit card processing statement.

CashFund believes you know your business needs better than we do.  We will never tell you what you need to do with the funds.  You are able to use the capital as you see fit.  You may stock up on inventory, handle unexpected expenses, expand your business, advertise, upgrade equipment, or whatever you need.  We’re here to help.