Business Cash Advance

You pay back the advance as you get paid by your customers!

We offer a cash advance Denver businesses can count on to be the fastest, easiest way to access risk-free, unsecured capital. Quite simply merchant loans are like selling a set percentage of your future credit card sales for cash today. The advance is paid back in a very easy and transparent way. The set percentage of your daily credit card sales will be diverted directly from your credit card processor until the balance is cleared.

Our cash advance lenders will calculate the amount you received on your monthly credit card processing volume. With no minimum payments the scheduled payback is flexible. Every time you collect a credit card payment, a percentage of that will go towards paying off the advance. Once the majority of the advance has been paid back you will automatically be eligible for additional funding.

It costs nothing to get started. Given that you meet basic processing requirements, the cash advance lenders approve for you will be provided within 72 hours.


Use Business Loans to:
  • Advertise to increase sales and market share
  • Expand your business
  • Buy a business
  • Open new locations
  • Upgrade or purchase equipment
  • Stock up on Inventory
  • Manage Seasonality
  • Enhance or remodel existing facilities
  • Meet Payroll
  • Handle emergencies

We know emergencies happen, that is why we offer a cash advance Denver residents can rely on in times of financial need. We will never tell you how to use your money. Whatever you choose to do with your cash advance lenders at CashFund are here to assist you. Merchants can use their loans to buy or expand business, upgrade or remodel, purchase inventory or catch up on payroll. We are simply here to assist you in furthering your success by providing you with financial security.