Don’t let your restaurant dream turn into a kitchen nightmare!

Have you always dreamed of opening a small business such as a restaurant or bakery?

Who better to consider than the ubiquitous Gordon Ramsey if you are taking out a small business loan for an eatery. We have gathered some of his top tips seen in the Hubpages’ Business and Employment section.

“Don’t be the leader of the restaurant and leader of the kitchen at the same time”
Don’t try and do everything yourself. Hire qualified people that you can delegate tasks to as the leader of the restaurant. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed and your staff feeling like there is a sense of order.

Keep the menu simple.
It is much easier to keep the quality high when you can specialize in a few dishes.
Using fresh local ingredients is the best way to make simple dishes delicious and keep customers coming back.

First impressions are outside and in.
You will want the outer appearance to attract customers in with good signage. The inner space should be arranged so the customers feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s best to consult an interior designer for decorating than going it on your own. Service also represents your restaurant’s image. Make sure your staff is well trained.

Finally, remember to keep your PASSION for the business.
As the owner and the leader, you will want to lead with passion! This will keep your restaurant upbeat, so remember the passion that led you to opening a small restaurant.

Ramsay comes from humble beginnings raised in a home of abuse and neglect and has gone on to have an empire. Although he has a foul mouth and is rough around the edges, he has sound advice. These are just a handful of tips, and the most important thing to always keep at the forefront of your mind with any small business is your customer. Always work from your customer’s point of view. Surprisingly this is often forgotten. “No matter how hard you work or what dishes you serve, it doesn’t mean anything if the customers aren’t satisfied.” Remember these words from Gordon Ramsay if you decide to take out a small business loan for a restaurant.