Unlikely Successes in the Small Business World

Last week’s $30 million investment in the Cheezburger Network probably raised many eyebrows. After all, how could a business behind something as seemingly trite as LOLcats or the FAIL series of websites draw such a huge investment?

The answer, of course, is that Cheezburger’s websites capture 16.5 million laughs each month. The idea may seem simple or even meaningless, but the core numbers of the business stack up big time.

Cheezburger isn’t the only unlikely small business success story from the recent past. There are many seemingly outlandish ideas that have formed the basis of successful businesses. Here are the top 4 in the writer’s opinion:


Jason Sandler, set out to make half a million dollars by wearing tshirts with various company logos on them. Sandler isn’t a celebrity and he isn’t a model but he is social media savvy and tenacious. Sandler dons the shirt of client in the morning and then spends the day attempting to plaster it across as many social media platforms as possible. He charges five dollars for one day or work on the first day of the year, each day he increases his fee by an additional five dollars.

Green Hangers

These makers of 100% recyclable hangers are already in several retail locations and dry cleaning establishments. They don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon, rather they are on the fast track to world domination with operations based in Australia and manufacturing outsourced to China.

Switch Flops

Who says starving artists have to remain starving? This young lady netted $30 million dollars last year from an idea she formed while painting. Her shoes feature exchangeable straps allowing you match the same pair of shoes to any outfit. Switch Flops are reported to be hitting the UK and Europe later in 2014.


These romantic novels allow you to play the starring role.  Input some general personal information into your tablet or IPad and the novel becomes personalized as it displays so you are reading your own steamy story.