Business Cash Advances and Merchant Funding

Cashfund is among the most reputable players in the business cash advance industry. If you are experiencing financial difficulty of any kind with your business, Cashfund can help, with a business cash advance. To become a respected provider of business cash advances for all sizes, shapes, and industries, Cashfund works hard to support the growth of businesses and makes the business cash advance process as simple and as easy as we can.

Small businesses can easily acquire a business cash advance; you simply sell us a portion of your future credit card sales. It is also much easier to qualify for a business cash advance than to obtain a small business loan. At Cashfund, nearly any small business can acquire a business cash advance, and with an approval rate of 93%, there’s almost no business out there that can’t be helped.

Most commercial banks won’t even think of offering you a business loan if you are new in business, have poor or no credit, have no collateral, or need a smaller business cash advance. To make matters worse, when you have a business loan, regular fixed monthly repayments are typically involved.

While it is nearly impossible to obtain a business loan in today’s tumultuous economy, it can be significantly less difficult to acquire funding if you choose to go with a business cash advance. Even people with low credit scores can be offered a business cash advance. Most businesses that accept credit cards and can demonstrate decent sums of credit card transactions can qualify for a business cash advance.

A business cash advance does not require a personal guarantee or collateral, nor those horrible fixed monthly repayment schedules. Business cash advances from Cashfund are repaid automatically through credit card sales; we simply deduct a small, set percentage of each sale and apply it toward your repayment. When your business is doing well, you can repay your business cash advance more quickly; when sales are down, you pay it off slowly.

To learn more about Cashfund, and to see why so many businesses come to us for business cash advance services, call us at the number above, or Contact Us via email, and experience for yourself a convenient, fast, and easy business cash advance that can get your business up and running – or help you expand further – in no time.